A Year In Review From Our Executive Director

April 13, 2017
What started as an idea in 2013 has undoubtedly flourished into a thriving organization full of hope, inspiration, and at times, heartbreak. We are encouraged by the progress we’ve made and grateful to share this journey with you. When I met Adam La Reau in 2013, I felt instantly moved by his revolutionary idea of One Summit. At the time, I was unaware of the journey I would embark upon as I agreed to volunteer for this wonderful cause. The momentum and outpouring of support surrounding One Summit drove my transition to Executive Director in 2015. A decision that has filled my life with purpose, love, and happiness. One Summit holds a…
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Meet our Northeastern Co-Op Student: Waverly Jackson

January 30, 2017
Hi! My name is Waverly Jackson, and I am the newest addition to One Summit. I am taking on the position of Development and Public Relations alongside Kelly O’Donnell. I am currently a sophomore at Northeastern University and am working for One Summit this Spring semester as part of the six-month Cooperative Education Program at Northeastern. I am pursuing a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Global Social Entrepreneurship in the D’amore McKim School of Business. During my time at Northeastern so far, I have become a member of the Colleges Against Cancer Club, a sister in the Kappa Delta Sorority, the Relay for Life Co-Chair for Kappa Delta, as well…
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Against All Odds: The Story of an Unbreakable Bond Between a Pediatric Cancer Patient and his Navy SEAL Mentor

November 17, 2016
What do childhood cancer patients and Navy SEALs have in common? Resilience? Grit? Tenacity? A sum of all these traits unifies our like-minded warriors in a special and transformational companionship. Although the battlefields for these big and little warriors may differ, the heroism and perseverance remain the same. Pediatric cancer is a uniquely devastating war because the battlefield is over the body of a child. It is undoubtedly an unfair fight. However, in bringing these two warriors together we are able to even the odds in the fight against childhood cancer and provide impactful relationships that our heroes can lean on for strength and support. One of our bravest little warriors, Connor,…
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Brian Pierce: Competing in the Boston Marathon, Former Navy Seal Overcomes Adversity and Inspires Childhood Cancer Patients to “Never Give Up”

November 16, 2016
This week we are highlighting one of our beloved Navy SEAL mentors, Brian Pierce. Brian began mentoring with One Summit in November of 2014 at our second Climb For Courage event after he learned about One Summit through a fellow SEAL. Brian knew he could help our little warriors battling cancer by sharing his own experiences and sending them the message that physical limitations are not permanent obstacles. He said, “I hope the kids realize to never give up. Just because something bad happened to you doesn’t mean you look down on yourself, you keep moving forward and don’t give up. Yes, you have limitations, but you learn to adjust to those…
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Climb for Courage

November 14, 2016
Waiting in the lobby, twenty-one children and their parents listen to Adam La Reau, Founder of One Summit, welcome them to the Climb for Courage at Central Rock Gym in Watertown.  The Climb for Courage event marks the beginning of One Summit’s mentorship program; at this event, children fighting cancer are paired with their U.S. Navy SEAL mentor for a day of indoor rock-climbing.   As the children climb the stairs, thunderous clapping erupts.  The children start their walk through a tunnel of Navy SEALs, getting high-fives, looking nervous yet excited for their adventure.  Gazing up at the tall rock-walls that surround them, the children wait as Adam pairs them up one…
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Children with Cancer find like-minded companionship is U.S. Navy SEALs

November 13, 2016
Think back to when you were a teenager.  You have your whole life ahead of you.  Along your clear, wide trail through the forest of life you encounter a mountain - you can’t go around this mountain; you are standing at the bottom looking straight up at the peak.  You’ve never climbed a mountain before, unsure of where to start, routes to take, or necessary skills to get to the summit. Now imagine that mountain is cancer. It’s a crippling disease that challenges even the most experienced climbers and evokes feelings of fear, uncertainty and vulnerability.  In the U.S., almost 13,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every…
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