The Anchor

 The Anchor is our secure, private, and free online community that provides support, connection, and mentorship year-round to the patients, siblings, parents/caregivers, and Navy SEAL mentors who take part in our Climb for Courage events.

Cultivating Strength – Connection – Mentorship – Growth


What is The Anchor?

The Anchor is our exclusive and private online community, just for One Summit community members! It’s free, safe, and a great resource for support that is offered to all Climb for Courage (CFC) participants. The platform will provide secure programming focused on mentoring, health and wellness, mindfulness, education, and engaging entertainment. It’s also a safe and easy way for our patient and sibling warriors to stay connected to their Navy SEAL mentors after they take part in a CFC experience.

Why did we create The Anchor?

As our world continues to value virtual options, we wanted to extend our programs to include a year-round web-based connection platform. The Anchor allows for a safe and nurturing environment for our Little Warriors to connect with their peers, for parents and caregivers to support one another, and for our Navy SEAL mentors to share ideas and tips on mentoring with each other. With this new platform, we are able to engage kids and mentors more creatively, better reinforce mentor-mentee relationships, and create a lasting community that builds on and thrives between Climbs for Courage.

Is The Anchor safe?

The Anchor is a secure platform hosted by Mighty Networks. We have made The Anchor a private network, meaning that it is not accessible by anyone in the public. Only individuals with an invitation from a One Summit staff member can join, making this an exclusive network just for our OS community.

Who administers The Anchor?

The Anchor is closely monitored and overseen by One Summit staff members. Our community guidelines require that everyone participating in The Anchor exhibits kindness to create a safe online environment for all members.

How do I become part of The Anchor?

We have currently rolled out the platform to a small pilot group in the One Summit community so they can try out the features, give feedback, and help us build up our resources and infrastructure. Once we complete this testing, we will be inviting previous Climb for Courage participants and all new CFC participants going forward. Our platform is available through a web browser on your computer and through the Mighty Networks app, available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

If I’m already a member of The Anchor, how do I access it?

Just head on over to our landing page to get logged back in!