Our Story

Our Mission

One Summit’s mission is to build resilience in kids battling cancer through experiential learning with Navy SEALs, storytelling and community engagement. Experiential learning takes place in the form of indoor rock climbing, at Climb for Courage. Through this adventure, we induce challenges that empower children to achieve growth through conquering adversity. The long-lasting relationship they form with their Navy SEAL mentor inspires the hope and resilience each little warrior needs to continue in their fight.

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Our Vision

No Family Fights Pediatric Cancer Alone

Our Inspiration

One Summit was founded by Adam La Reau in 2013. Adam’s inspiration stemmed from his experience as a Navy SEAL coupled with his mother’s fight against breast cancer.  After losing his mother to cancer in 2004, Adam began volunteering with a variety of cancer-related organizations. During this time, he met a lot of women just like his mother that were incredibly tough, mentally and physically. Their strength inspired others.

However, he also saw a lot of young kids battling cancer that didn’t necessarily have the skills to conquer this disease on their own. He thought it was an unfair fight and wanted to even the odds. His experience in the military lead him to believe there was an opportunity for Navy SEALs to help. Adam recalls: “I served with a lot of amazing men who were incredibly heroic, courageous and resilient.” He recognized the skills embedded in the SEALs were the skills kids battling cancer needed the most. He decided to bring these two worlds together and create One Summit.

My mother lost her battle to cancer when she was 58. I found out while serving in Iraq in 2004. In the end, it was her body that gave up, not her mind. I am still inspired by her strength as well as the strength of the men I served with in the SEAL teams. Adam La Reau

Read Adam’s Profile in Resilience to learn more about our story and inspiration.  

My Navy SEAL mentor told me it was okay to fall, but to keep trying. He said: “it’s okay buddy, you can do it!” Then I got to the top and felt confident.
Little Warrior
Spending the day with Navy SEALs had a wonderful impact on his self-esteem. He has a new perspective on life to know how much his mentor went through and a new motto "Never Give Up".
I was scared at the bottom, my Navy SEAL buddy helped me overcome my fear by being an awesome hero.
Little Warrior