One Summit hosts community events to build a safe space for children and families to come together, have fun, and be part of a caring community. Some of our signature community events include:

Harvard Hockey Ice Skating

Each year the Harvard Men’s Hockey Team spends a day teaching our little warriors how to ice-skate. The arena is filled with laughter and courage as the children put their hardships aside and embrace the challenge of learning something new. It is hard to tell who is having the most fun – the players or the children. The bonds that are formed with the players give the children an additional friend and support system. The children also love attending Harvard Hockey games together and cheering on their skating buddies!

Boston Marathon Weekend

Each year, we receive bibs for the Boston Marathon through John Hancock Charity Programs. Our Navy SEAL mentors run the Boston Marathon in honor of our childhood cancer heroes. Through this event, the SEALs are able to demonstrate perseverance and a never-give-up mentality to the little warriors. The kids come together before the marathon to make posters for our team. The little warriors smile from ear to ear while they design signs of encouragement for their SEALs. They love knowing that the SEALs need their help and support to cross the finish line. During race day the little warriors line the streets and give the runners high-fives as they run by.