Experiential Learning

Our Climb for Courage and Climb Higher programs in San Diego, Boston, New York City, and Virginia Beach encompass One Summit’s experiential learning approach to building resilience in pediatric cancer patients and their siblings. Please find additional information on both programs below.

Due the nature of our work, One Summit does not disclose the date and/or location of any of its experiential learning programs. Interested families and Navy SEALs can apply here.

Climb for Courage

Achieving Growth By Conquering Adversity

At Climb for Courage, pediatric cancer patients and their siblings are matched 1:1 with a U.S. Navy SEAL and guided through a series of rock-climbing challenges and a learning curriculum based on teamwork, goal setting and overcoming adversity. Their experience coupled with the long-lasting relationship formed with their Navy SEAL mentor provides each child with the additional source of strength and encouragement they need in their battle against cancer.

Climb for Courage Curriculum:


  • Long-lasting relationships provide children with hope and ongoing encouragement


  • Encourage children to avoid seeing challenges as insurmountable problems
  • Facilitate breaking large problems into obtainable pieces
  • Empower children to take small steps toward accomplishing a larger goal


  • Recognize the discomfort of facing unfamiliar challenges
  • Conquer fears by embarking on the ascent
  • Achieve self-confidence as children triumph over doubts


  • Confront setbacks and obstacles on the rock wall
  • Inspire perseverance to overcome adversity
  • Foster a confident, never-give-up attitude


  • Promote trust and friendship between mentors and mentees
  • Learn to work in unison to achieve a common goal
  • Establish a foundation for an unwavering bond between One Summit’s like-minded warriors


  • Conclude the climbing experience by discussing lessons learned
  • Recognize how the skills gained are transferable to any challenge
  • Apply knowledge and new understandings to their fight against cancer

Climb Higher

At Climb Higher, past Climb for Courage participants have the opportunity to engage in a “refresher” climb led by a selection of One Summit’s experienced Navy SEAL mentors. The program is designed to reinforce the learnings and skills acquired through Climb for Courage and serve as an opportunity for One Summit’s like-minded warriors to connect and share stories of resilience.

I was incredibly inspired by the bonding between the SEALs and children. Watching the determination, exhilaration, and smiles on these kids’ faces spoke volumes to the impact.
Dr. Howard J. Weinstein, MGH
I haven’t seen my child smile in 4 years until today.
My Navy SEAL encouraged me to go higher and work harder. It felt really good because accomplishing your goals makes you happy.
Little Warrior