Resources in Resilience – Power of Post-Traumatic Growth

January 14, 2022

By Maria Papandreou, One Summit Senior Manager of Development & Communications

Most people begin the new year with a renewed sense of purpose. Some set yearly goals, others want to learn more about themselves and the world, and sometimes we want to continue living the best life we can. At One Summit, one of our goals this year is to continue our commitment to the theory of Post-traumatic Growth and how it relates to all our warriors.

If you are a novice on the subject, the following article will help you understand the difference between Post-traumatic Stress and Post-traumatic Growth. It helps clarify trauma and its effects on the human mind and body. Please read it here:

Another resource that discusses trauma and healing can be found here:  It provides a concise explanation about trauma and offers simple steps to foster Post-traumatic Growth and foster happiness in your life.


Almost everyone experiences traumatic events throughout their life. The events may be different, but what happens after the event is essential. When we are willing to learn new ways to manage our trauma, we are more likely to experience post-traumatic growth. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes the most difficult challenges present us with the chance to become an even better version of ourselves.